Chess Fitness

Chess Fitness is a philosophy that appreciates the idiosyncrasies of the human experience. We are not one dimensional, hence our approach to health and fitness shouldn’t be either. By examining our environment and physiological responses, much like studying moves in a chess match, we can formulate a strategy to align our lifestyle with our goals.



Professional Athletes
Elite athletic performance coaching

The most important aspect of a professional athlete’s career is knowing how to protect, nurture, and cultivate his or her body. In order to do this we look at far more than an athlete’s physical abilities. Cornerstones such as speed and explosiveness, core strength, flexibility, injury prevention are just the tip of the iceberg. We also dive into their intramural makeup; things like their sensitivity to internal feedback, quality of sleep, nutrition, self confidence, and stress management.

Body Composition Changes
Lose body fat, gain muscle, alter physique proportions

You are living in the only body you’ll ever have, so let’s capitalize on that gift and create a body you can be proud of. Often times it takes much more than desire and effort to make changes in your body; It takes strategy. Especially when trying to fit your fitness regime into a busy lifestyle, it’s crucial to use your time wisely. We will fine tune your workouts to efficiently burn fat and build muscle, and discover the ideal nutritional makeup to support your individual goals.

Health and Wellness
Nutrition, holistic care, rehab

Everywhere you look you’ll see some literature or advertisement on how to improve your health, and often times the information is not only confusing but contradictory. Whether you are looking to improve your general well-being or you’ve been struggling with a particular health condition, we look across all of your physiological systems in a holistic approach to healing your body from the root of the problem.



I think we can all agree that the best diet is one built from a foundation of fresh whole foods. However, there are many circumstances that require additional nutrients in the form of supplements. Serious health conditions, poor quality food options, an increase in physical or mental activity, and many other situations would call for supplementing with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, essential oils, and many others. Let’s find the most appropriate regime for you.


Rest & Recovery

There is a delicate balance between using your mental fortitude to push your physical limits and knowing when those limits should be adhered to. This practice of learning how to listen to your body is one of the greatest skills you can cultivate. In fact, in order to make progress in your growth, regardless of where that growth may be, you must first build a toolbox of your unique recovery resources.



There is nothing more frustrating than when you are in your zone, making progress with your body or skills, and then get injured. Especially if that injury affects your career. It is not only physically defeating, but the number of ways it can impact our psychology is immense. Being an athlete herself, Jennifer fully appreciates this phenomenon and over the coarse of 20 years as a professional trainer, she has designed a very unique style of therapy that she has used to rehab some of the most complex injuries.



Nutrition is one of the most complex subjects in the dialogue about health. Despite being clinically studied in scientific settings, there is still a tremendous amount of contradiction across the various theories, philosophies and literature. The most pivotal conclusion we have come to at Chess Fitness is that every person has a unique digestive system, so the most effective approach to designing an appropriate diet is to fine tune and employ the person’s internal feedback as a guide. We use a variety of tools for digestive system diagnostics and we enrich those results with nutrition education. As we navigate this course we will guide you towards a diet that will not only support your goals, but also integrate into your lifestyle.


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