Jennifer’s Story


Jennifer began participating in sports at a very early age. Not only was she extremely active, but she quickly discovered a competitive surge running through her veins. As she worked her way through many team and individual sports she found her favorites: soccer, basketball, and track. As an adult, she found a place in the sport of bodybuilding competing with both the NPC and WBFF federations; earning her Professional status in the WBFF in 2018. Jennifer discovered work ethic, discipline, respect, and responsibility in the athletic arena. In fact, she learned more about the human body through her own experiences than any book or class could have taught her.

Through her involvement in sports during college she became the head supervising trainer at Whittier College and led the strength and conditioning programs for many of the varsity teams including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. Intrigued by the dynamics of sports performance she directed her attention to studying sports psychology along with biomechanics, and kinesiology. Her experience was further enriched with an internship and directed study at Presbyterian Hospital with a registered dietician. Jennifer graduated Whittier at the top of the Physical Education major with an emphasis in nutrition and a minor in psychology.

Throughout her training career she has acquired the most notable training certifications in the industry, including Olympic Weightlifting, AAFA, IFPA, NASM, and many others. A few roles she has employed are head strength coach for the varsity boys track team at Junipero Serra High School and head strength coach for the varsity boys lacrosse team at Redondo Beach Union High School. Her immeasurable experience in athletics has bestowed to her a very specialized niche in injury prevention and rehab, as she consistently facilitates the healing of injuries that had otherwise been unwilling to improve. This niche has opened the door to many exciting ventures including involvement in the NFL, UFC, MLB, NBA, NHL, Boxing, Volleyball, Olympics, and with many other professional athletes. Her most recent undertaking is with the elite quarterback training company 3DQB Edge, who invited her into their program to employ her expertise in functional movement and rehab.     

Jennifer owns a training facility in El Segundo, CA where she balances a career with her role as a mother. In fact, of formidable mention is her late daughter, Evelyn, who was born with cerebral palsy, and passed at the age of 8 in 2018. Jennifer’s acquired education through her role as a mother, caregiver, nurse, respiratory therapist, occupational therapist, and more, has exponentially enhanced her skill set in a multitude of ways. Furthermore, she continues to broaden her horizons in many ways such as chiropractic training, acupuncture, reflexology, massage therapy, and utilizes therapeutic essential oils as a mainstay in her practice.

She validates her beliefs by leading as a role model and for that reason is intent on improving her own life and health every day. Jennifer demonstrates that the only way to remain strong, vigorous, and able to meet the responsibilities of life, is to take care of you first.